On Those Who Abuse Dr. King’s Legacy (#ReclaimMLK)

I didn’t intend to write a piece about Dr. Martin Luther King this year, but the spirit moved me to do so. Every year, without fail, people speak about what King would and would not have approved of and it becomes crystal clear they know nothing about the man.

I watch people quote the Dream speech, devoid of context and it’s clear they haven’t read that either. It’s off putting, to say the least.

The real Dr. King was a fan of confrontation. A champion of the rights of the poor. An organizer. An anti-war protester. King was #BlackLivesMatter before the movement had a name. He was anti-police brutality. Anti-racism. Most of all,he was a radical.

If you believe otherwise, my latest, ‘The Inconvenient King,‘ is for you:

Martin Luther King Day is all about one speech (“I Have a Dream”) delivered one time. Actually, a couple paragraphs of the speech. Conveniently harvested lines about “content of character” of skin color and all of us joining hands to overcome the issue of the day. The real Martin Luther King Jr. was more than a man who had a dream. As I write this #ReclaimMLK is sparking a very real conversation in social media spaces. We’re seeing very real activism in the form of disruptions, which mirror more of Dr. King’s actual philosophy than most of the dedications given by men and women dressed in their Sunday best. ♦◊♦ The real Dr. King is an inconvenient truth for today’s power structure.


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