Black Friday, Boycotts and the Long Game

A few words on Black Friday while I’m waiting for my flight and the music isn’t enough:  

If you’re boycotting Black Friday but plan to hit the mall on Saturday, slap yourself. 
And then go shopping tomorrow. 


Because one day boycotts are foolish. And you’ll pay more on Saturday. Stop hustling backwards. (Last sentence stolen from Lisa Holmes). 
The Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted 381 days. Let some people tell it, they jumped it off on Friday and were rolling next to the driver on Monday morning. That’s not how this works.

That Denny’s boycott, that ended up costing the company a cool $54M, didn’t happen overnight either. 

I’ll be at home tomorrow. Not because I’m down for the cause (because I am, even though I don’t find it to be effective, smart or destined for success). But because I value my sanity and literally watching people stampede and fight for stuff that will be back on the shelf in a few days doesn’t seem safe, sane or a productive use of my time. 

TL:DR version: boycott with a purpose if you’re going to do it.


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