3 signs it’s time to find a new job

In these uncertain times, leaving a job can be one of the hardest things to do. There’s the economic reality that having a job, any job, is better than having no job or the old school idea from previous generations’ that you worked at one company, retired and died. For the millennial generation (and for everyone else), neither of those reasons are good enough to stay at a place offering no personal or professional growth day after day.

Have you been mulling over quitting? Here’s three signs it’s time to go. 

1. You’ve hit the glass ceiling. 

The economy is no excuse to not have some sort of career advancement if you’ve proven yourself worthy at work (and I’m not just talking about increased responsibilities). I compare the concept of asking for a promotion to the concept of asking a man/woman you’re dating to make things “official.” There are only so many times you can ask, and rejection is often a sign that the parties involved just aren’t on the same page. If you ask for a promotion — and feel you deserve one and can back it up with your accomplishments — and are rejected, it’s a sign your employer really just isn’t that into you. Find one who is.

2. No professional development

While on the job hunt, it’s important to realize that your resume — and by extension, you as a candidate — are there to solve a problem for an employer. What that doesn’t mean is allowing your employer to bleed you dry without getting anything in return. Stagnation will lead to unhappiness. If there are no opportunities for growth or acquiring new skills, get out.

3. You’re not happy

While one and two can definitely lead to three, there’s a profound difference in having a hard day or week at work and hating the thought of getting up in the morning. Assuming you work a typical 40-hour week, you spend nearly a quarter of your time at the office. Factor in drive time and you’ve easily got 25 percent of your time at work, or preparing for work. The number can skyrocket if you take work home with you. Life is short. If you dread the thought of getting out of bed in the morning, seriously consider a career change.

The mental price you pay slaving away at a job you hate is often not worth the bi-weekly or monthly pay check.


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