So who is this guy anyway?

Coming from the den of iniquity, Las Vegas, NV, gambling — at least, theoretically — is in the blood. I don’t gamble in real life, but I believe in taking strategic, calculated, chances.

This blog is another in a list of strategic, calculated chances. Until a few years ago, most of my life resembled an impromptu hip hop cipher.* I was a good student, maintaining an above average GPA through college and graduate school (I hold a BA and MA in Journalism and Media Studies). Coming up on the twilight of my undergraduate career, I was directionless. I wanted to use my newly earned degree, but had little idea where to start. I was working part time at a radio station and freelancing for one of the world’s most well known hip hop sites — hardly enough to pay any bills.

I was lucky enough to land a well paying job right out of college. On paper, I had all that a young person could want: A good job, a nice place to live and…something was still missing.

I longed for a career in journalism and media but convinced myself that there was simply no money in the industry (not being able to get an interview didn’t do much for my confidence either). So I took job after job (actually about 2-3), before I hit rock bottom and decided to get serious about my pursuit of PR*.

This blog is the long awaited product of that decision. Not seeking direction and council means that  I learned all that I know about job  hunting the hard way. I was the child that touched the stove to find out it was hot.

I want better for you, the reader. After hitting rock bottom a few years ago, I rebounded and achieved my career goals. Actually, I exceeded my career goals. The feeling of completion was — and remains — thrilling. Success becomes an addiction. I want anyone who reads this blog to learn from the stories and commentary. This will be a home for thoughts on careers and my current career field: communications. Some of the stories will be from my journey, some from the media and some I’ve heard second hand along the way.

If there are two things I know, it’s communications and careers. Welcome to my newest corner of the Internet.

*A cipher usually features several MCs rapping off the top of their head. The spontaneity of my life was the cipher — with varying degrees of success and failure.

**”Pursuit of communications” would’ve been more appropriate, but “pursuit of PR” reads better,



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